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Reality is not as simple as it appears. Even the most ordinary of objects is a mass of forces and energies, energies that we normally perceive only in their totalled state. Arcanists, however, see the world on a deeper level. They can perceive, touch, and therefore manipulate these component forces, rearranging reality to suit themselves.

The way in which this manipulation is achieved varies. Wizards take the scientific approach, combining formulas and equations derived through years of research to 'rewrite' the world around them(hence their art is based upon Intelligence). Sorcerers and bards, on the other hand, take a much more casual approach to the matter; they simply convince reality to do what they want(and are dependant on Charisma to do so successfully). And the greatest of them can convince physics to go take a nap while they take the reins for a while.

New Spells

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