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Characters will generally gain experience for acting to advance their Beliefs. This is meant to be a reward for being proactive, so I encourage you to select beliefs that will encourage that sort of behavior.

The numbers for this are very fuzzy, but I seem to have been giving out about 1/30th the XP required for your next level for each Belief you advance in the course of the session. Especially strong focus on one Belief can increase this, but 1/10th of a level is about the best you can expect all told.

Completing a Belief in a suitably dramatic moment, or a pivotal test of Belief, may be worth something extra.

Fate Dice

Fate dice are a more spur-of-the-moment award. You'll get them for doing or saying something particularly awesome, or plotworthy, or creative. Playing your character to the hilt in a way that causes interesting complications for yourself or the party also helps. I will generally hand out 1-3 per session.

Fate dice have traditionally been represented by big golden d6s. As the new uses of them don't require rolling d6s, this may change. Uses of a Fate die include:

  • Add a +6 bonus to anything: d20 rolls, save DCs, damage for one attack, AC for one round, etc. Generally lasts for one "dramatic moment", whatever that entails.
  • Stay at 0 hp after suffering an attack that would have brought you to between -1 and -10.
  • Re-use a class or racial ability that you've exhausted for the day (or other time period).
  • Have one more of something vital that you've just used up (within the current scene).

So far, NPCs never have Fate dice.

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