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General Skills

Ancient Firearms

(Martial, Agility/Perception) The skill of aiming, controlling, and performing minimal maintenance on archaeon and Old Maker weapons.

Archaeotech Salvage

(Craftsman, Agility/Perception) The skill of salvaging the functional parts of dead archaeons for independent use.

Tools: Yes, see below

Archaeotech Repair

(Craftsman, Agility/Perception) The skill of repairing Old Maker devices and archaeons. This skill can be used as Surgery for archaeon wounds.

Tools: Yes, see below


The habits and organization of archaeon cysts.


(Academic, Perception)

The art of understanding and activating archaeotech. This skill is a collection of trial-and-error results compiled by generations of Mechanists; no one alive today truly understands how ancient technology functions.

Tools: Yes, a device to activate!

Old Maker-wise

Fragments of lore about the Old Makers themselves: what they may have lived like, their language, their writing, their customs.

Catalog of Shadows

Demonology for Shade: the laws, names, attributes, and hierarchy of the Named who inhabit that place.

Rules of Light

Demonology for Shine: the laws, names, attributes, and hierarchy of the Named who inhabit that place.


Astrology (and Refrain of Turning Stars, below) can be used to foretell an individual's fate and future: this is a special form of linked test. Declare the individual, and the scope of the fate to be foretold (i.e., "Why has Gaius been allowed to live?" or "Will Alcibiades survive the battle tomorrow?" : make an opposed test, between the prophet's Astrology skill and the target's Will. If the prophet is successful, the player determines the answer he receives from the stars! He may add +1D to Oratory, Persuasion, Suasion, Religious Diatribe, Falsehood, Ugly Truth, or Rhetoric when used to convince the target to act according to his prophesied fate. But if he fails, he is at +1 Ob to any of the same skills when convincing the target to take any action to do with the scope of his prophecy.

Dwarven Special Skills

Dwarves whose greed idiom includes "craftsmanship" should earn Greed tests for encountering archaeons and Old Maker works.

Archaeotech Metallurgy

(Academic, Perception) The skill needed to create the strangely light and durable materials used in archaeotech devices is beyond any mortal alive today. However, some smiths and mechanists have made a study of the art of reforging the scraps of Old Maker work into new shapes.

The skill exists mostly to be FoRKed with other Craftsman skills when working with archaeotech materials.

Black Powder Artifice

(Craftsman, Agility/Perception)

The creation of true explosives is a well-kept secret of the dwarves. This skill allows the creation of explosive devices (bombs and rockets). Black Powder Artifice is a Dwarven Art, part of that race's inherent magic: it costs 2 points to open, and is always open-ended.

Sample obstacles:

  • Making powder, Ob 4.
  • Bombs: B4 Mark, Ob 2; B6 Mark, Ob 3; B7 Mark, Ob 5; B12 Mark, Ob 8
  • Making rockets: B4 Mark, Ob 3; B6 Mark, Ob4; B7 Mark, Ob6; B12 Mark, Ob 9
  • Fireworks: A little sparkle, Ob 1. Enough flash and bang to force a Steel test or be seen across a battlefield, Ob 2 (handheld) or Ob 3 (rocket). Every 2 successes over the obstacle can add +1 Ob to the Steel test.

Rockets function like bombs, but have the range dice of a great bow. Artillery or Artillery Hand can be used to launch them. Placing and aiming a rocket takes thirty actions in Fight!; lighting the fuse takes two. A character using rockets in Range and Cover must spend a volley Maintaining before he can fire.

(Other races have access to the lesser Firebombs skill, but the Munitions skill is not available in Ferath).

Mannish Special Skills

Mystech Training

(Training, Perception) Training skill: allows Enchanting of Old Maker and archaeon objects


Codewords and jargon, famous discoveries and their discoverers, cell organization


(Sorcerous, Will) Necromancy is the art and science of speaking to spirits of the dead.

Elven Special Skills

Grief tests relating to the depredations of archaeons, or mortals armed with Old Maker technology, are at +1 Ob.

Litany of Last Days

(Academic, Perception, Spell Song) History of the last days of the Old Makers, and the beginnings of the First Age. Opening this skill in character creation adds +1 to starting Grief. The primary effect of this song is wonderment.

Refrain of Turning Stars

(Academic, Perception, Skill Song) With so many nights to spend gazing up at the night sky, the elves have learned many strange and secret things about the movements of the heavens and their reflection upon Ferath. This skill functions as Astrology, but tests are always open-ended.

Archaeotech Tools

The skills Archaeotech Salvage and Archaeotech Repair require very specialized tools and spare parts. Some of these are merely specialized versions of normal smiths' or jewelers' tools; others can only be acquired by Salvaging them from existing archaeotech.

Even with the mundane tools, tests of Archaeotech Salvage without parts are at +1 Ob; similarly, Archaeotech Repair tests are at +2 Ob.

Salvage can be performed with portable tools, but Repair requires a workshop (or, at least, a wagon containing all the fittings of a workshop).

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