December 3rd, 2006

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Spring 49, 1127 H.R.

The merchantman Polaris arrives in Shanur, bearing a cargo of wine, cloth, and seasick adventurers.

(rough listing, proper writeup to come)

  • Quintus, the twit. With money, which Gaius proceeds to use for party expenses.
  • Viad doesn't like trees, even in books. Gets a letter.
  • Asim, the con-man. Shenanigans on the water.
  • The druids get arrested. Prophecies don't seem to help.
  • Arriving at the embassy. If this is a diplomatic mission, where is the ambassador? Quintus is staying here too, thankfully in a different suite.
  • Enciphered note can't be that important.
  • Viad shows up at the embassy.
  • Brutus gets to know the legions.
  • Everyone to the castle!
  • Asim tries to get someone executed, fails.
  • Gaius tries to get someone out of jail, or at least make the Republic look good.
  • Asim, Samir, and (indirectly) Daergard are interrogated by Captain al'Khedi. Subject of Asim using the name of the Eternals comes up. The Most High Commander Zuberi decides to smooth things over, for whatever reason.
  • (ScoJo's character) and (Jess's character) meet with Asim to get in on this smuggling action. Charm person is a useful negotiating tool.
  • The druids try and fail to enter the House of Ark, end up hanging out in the Terrace Gardens.
  • Viad tries sending a letter to Zuberi, then parks outside the Immortal's Gate to await a response.
  • The faction from Tarsul compares notes. Including an enciphered one, which finally gets decoded. "Don't talk about sensitive material in the embassy" - oops.
  • Quintus comes back to the embassy, apparently drunk and with a friend.

Spring 50, 1127 H.R.

  • The priest Sokkwi Nedet shows up at the embassy, making trouble entirely too early. Demands the return of a woman named Raziya. Brutus gives him the bureaucratic runaround.
  • Brutus takes advantage of a coffeeless undersecretary to root around the office a bit. Finds customs reports with too-large amounts of vaguely "lost at sea" cargo. The Polaris is mentioned. No mention of Raziya in staff listings, though.
  • (ScoJo) and (Jess) meet once again with Asim. Discuss the top dogs in the smuggling business - the name 'Beleg' comes up.
  • Having received no response, Viad shows up at the Embassy. With Alcibiades as minder, she's sent to find the druids, as they talk similar crazy-talk.
  • Samir and Daergard hang out in the temple courtyard at dawn, hoping for words from the high priestess. No such luck. Sokkwi Nedet returns, and enters through a side entrance. A talkative beggar mentions the necropolis, and that it might contain a back way into the temple.
  • Viad and Daergard compare notes, argue furiously. Alcibiades and Samir look at each other and shrug.
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