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Since creation, the peoples of Ferath have been surrounded by things they did not understand. The sky, the forest, the river, the sun: all of these were and are a source of perpetual wonder. Thus religion - but on some day in the ancient past, some shaman sat in meditation and first perceived the greater truths that underlie the reality perceived by most mortals. On that day, divine magic was born.

Spiritualists claim to have perceived some fundamental truth about the driving force behind reality, and that they can communicate with this force. And while they are bound to do its bidding, it fulfills their requests as well. This force's identity varies: it may be called a god, a spirit, or even simply 'nature', as preferred by the particular spellcaster. But the power spiritualists wield is very real, whatever its source.

Because divine spells depend on the wielder's ability to properly perceive hidden depths in the world around them, all divine magic depends on Wisdom.

Faith Spells

Any divine spell that has an alignment descriptor instead gains the Faith descriptor.

Spells with the Faith descriptor function based on the religion practiced by affected creatures. Being 'faithful' for the purpose of these spells means honestly venerating the same god as the caster, or another allied god of the same pantheon. Outsiders associated with that religion are treated the same as worshipers.

Being a 'blasphemer' with respect to a particular faith means venerating either another religion entirely, or in some cases certain enemy gods of the same pantheon. In the latter case, the distinction goes both ways: for example, a smite the unbeliever spell cast by a cleric of Mhaeduk would deal full damage to a worshipper of Tashar, and vice versa.

An irreligious creature is usually one whose mental makeup does not have room for religion (i.e., animals, elementals, oozes, most plants, vermin, natives of Shade, Shine, or Rima). Demons are also considered irreligious, but a number of Faith spells specifically affect them as well.

An atheistic or agnostic character is not considered irreligious for the purpose of faith spells, as their doubts or disbelief form their own kind of faith.

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