Factions In Conflict

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  • Each faction has Influence
  • Factions test Influence against one another from time to time
  • Successful tests advance Influence, as a skill.
  • PC actions may Help one faction or another; which depends on their intent and success/failure
  • PCs may also cause factions to ally (helping each other) or come into conflict

Faction Strength

  • 1D - A political novice, or a largely disorganized faction (The Sothi, Marcus' supporters)
  • 2D - An experienced politician and his/her supporters (Xenophon's faction, Jendai's sympathizers, Durik's supporters)
  • 3D - Ruler of an independent city-state (Mayor of Soeshal) or powerful politician (Tarsuli consuls)
  • 4D - Major political faction within one nation (Senate "hawks" or "doves", the Drus)
  • 5D - Organization with international influence (Order Arcanis) or great national influence of a major power(Tarsuli Assembly or Senate)
  • 6D - Absolute rulers of a lesser power (the Eternals, emperor of Emerald)
  • 7D - Absolute rulers of a greater power (Drazadi imperial family)
  • 10D - King of The World

Existing Factions

Conflict Locality

  • The most local faction to the conflict gains a +1D; if all are approximately equal, no one gets this bonus.
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