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Many (most? all?) Citadel and Etharch lifepaths, as well as the Wanderer path in any setting, lead into this setting, which represents those elves who travel abroad in an attempt to influence other civilizations. Carets (^) indicate spell- and skill-songs.

Student of Mortality 25 yrs 10 +1 M Citadel
Skills: 7 pts: Ballad of History^, Foreign Languages, Etiquette, Ugly Truth, Folklore, Foreign History, Foreign Doctrine
Traits: -
Emissary 40 yrs 15 +1 M Citadel
Skills: 5 pts: Etiquette, Persuasion, Falsehood, Lament of Mortality^
Traits: 1pt: -
Requirements: Student of Mortality
Consul 75 yrs 30 +1 M Citadel, Etharch
Skills: 6 pts: Lyric of Law^, Soothing Platitudes, Heraldry, Faith-wise, Honor-wise, Greed-wise
Traits: -
Requirements: Emissary
Ambassador 125 yrs 45 +1 M,P Any
Skills: 8 pts: Voice of Ages^, Oratory, Conspicuous, Administration, Observation
Traits: 2 pts: Advisor, World Weary
Requirements: Consul
Emissary-Protector 20 yrs 10 +1 P Protector, Citadel
Skills: 7 pts: Inconspicuous, Spear, Bow, Shield, Armor, Knives, Etiquette
Traits: 1 pt: -
Requirements: Student of Mortality or any Protector/soldier lifepath
Shadow Emissary 60 yrs 15 +1 M/P Citadel, Protector
Skills: 8 pts: Stealthy, Threne of the Chameleon^, Masking Verse^, Inconspicuous, Observation, Disguise
Traits: -
Requirements: Student of Mortality or Ranger
Serpent Emissary 45 yrs 20 +1 M/P Citadel, Protector
Skills: 8 pts: Falsehood, Masking Verse^, Knives, Inconspicuous, Poisons, Lament of Fell Purpose^
Traits: 1pt: Heart of Ice
Requirements: Student of Mortality or Emissary-Protector
Master of Shadows 100 yrs 30 +1 M,P Citadel, Protector, Etharch
Skills: 10 pts: Lament of Fell Purpose^, Interrogation, Command, Silent Fury^, Strategy Games, Espionage-wise, Plot-wise
Traits: 2 pts: Grandmaster, Patient, Scheming
Requirements: Ambassador and Serpent Emissary or Shadow Emissary
Explorer 60 yrs 5 +1 P Wilderlands, Protector
Skills: 5 pts: Song of Paths and Ways^, Cartography, Foraging, Mending
Traits: 1 pt: -
Requirements: Student of Mortality or Wanderer
Verdant Emissary 75 yrs 10 +1 M/P Wilderlands
Skills: 5 pts: Etiquette, Persuasion, Falsehood, Green Doctrine, Herbalism
Traits: 1 pt: Two-Faced
Requirements: Explorer
Verdant Consul 150 yrs 20 +1 M Wilderlands, Citadel
Skills: 6 pts: Forest-wise, Tribes-wise, Folklore, Song of Arbors^
Traits: 1 pt: -
Requirements: Verdant Emissary
Verdant Convert 45 yrs 15 +1 M/P Wilderlands
Skills: 5 pts: Green Doctrine, Song of Arbors^, Tree-wise, Rhyme of the Gatherer^
Traits: 1 pt: Two-Faced
Requirements: Verdant Emissary OR Wanderer and Explorer
Verdant Warlock 175 yrs 30 +1 M,P Wilderlands
Skills: 9 pts: Song of the Eldar^, Weathersong^, Herbalism, Circination, Spirit Binding, Stars-wise, Moons-wise, Falsehood
Traits: 2 pts: Betrayer, Fey, Inscrutable
Requirements: Verdant Convert


  • Masking Verse: (30 actions) This whispered song prevents the identity of the Emissary from being known, crafting an illusion to hide his features. Unlike most spell-songs, the Masking Verse is sung ahead of time; the obstacle is chosen by the singer according to how long he shall need a disguise for (base Ob of 2 lasts one hour; each doubling of the duration increases the obstacle by 1: Ob 3 for 2 hours, Ob 4 for 4, Ob 5 for 8, etc). It otherwise functions like the Mask spell, but successes over the obstacle also increase the obstacle of any Aura Reading test attempted against the elf.
  • Lament of Fell Purpose: These deaths and acts of horror are regrettable, but necessary. They serve a greater purpose, and their sacrifice shall always be remembered. Spell-song; this skill uses the standard Lament rules.

Lifepath Traits

  • Heart of Ice: This elf has hardened his (or her) heart to the unfortunate realities of the Serpent Emissary's tasks. Subtract one from all future Grief obstacles (doesn't stack with Unbreakable); this trait does not affect starting Grief. The elf also has a 1D infamous reputation among other Emissary elves as a heartless killer.
  • Grandmaster (Dt): The Master of Shadows comes to view the lives of all other beings as pieces in his endless game. Other elves might be rooks or queens; men are merely pawns. This trait adds +1D to Falsehood and Interrogation when using those skills on mortals (men, dwarves, and lizardfolk).
  • Advisor (Dt): The wise of other races will often seek out the Ambassador, in order to hear what the wisdom of ages has to say about their problems. Gain a free 1D reputation among one group of mortals as a wise and trusted advisor, and a free 1D affiliation with the elven embassy to that group.
  • Two-Faced (Dt): Regardless of whether his true allegiance lies with Ianta or Shelgaia, the Verdant Convert is fully trusted by neither. He gains a 1D infamous reputation among both elves and the Green.
  • Betrayer (Char): The Warlock has turned his back on the schemes and plans of his elven kin, and followed the whispers of the deep woods instead. Be sure to choose which elven society the warlock was previously a member of; he gains a 1D infamous reputation as a traitor in that society, and is at +2 Ob to persuade any member of his old society of his good intentions.
  • Fey (C-O): The Verdant Warlock is erratic and mysterious, or perhaps simply mad. Call-on for Falsehood or Ugly Truth when making cryptic pronouncements.

Dwarves: Host Sub-setting

  • Chymist (requires Tyro Artificer; leads to Artificer)
  • Miner (requires Foot Soldier or Delver)
  • Grenadier (requires Arbalester or Chymist)

In place of three Arbalester lifepaths, a character may have three of any combination of Arbalester, Miner, and Grenadier OR Chymist and Grenadier to qualify for Artillerist.

Dwarves: Borderlands Setting

  • Border Walker (requires Born Clansman, Coward, or Adventurer; leads to Host, Clansman)
  • Hermit (requires Border Walker or Rune Caster; leads to Outcast)
  • Scout (requires Border Walker; leads to Host, Outcast, Clansman)
  • Hunter (requires Skirmisher; leads to Host, Outcast, Clansman; qualifies for Graybeard)
  • Rager (requires Border Walker; leads to Host, Outcast)
  • Corrupted (requires Hermit, Hunter, or Rager; leads to Outcast)

Dwarves: Artificer Setting

  • Soulforged (requires Mask Bearer)

Warped Greed (Dt)

The taint of Pandemonium grants the Corrupted a peculiar madness, twisting the Greed inherent in all dwarves into something worse. A dwarf with this trait may spend artha to Fuel the Fires when he is attempting to destroy, or otherwise prevent another from attaining, an object of his greed idioms.

Leads to Borderlands: Rune Caster, Adventurer, Coward, all Host, all Clansman except Born Clansman.


Order Arcanis

Republic Official

Within the Republic military (Professional Soldier setting), two Sergeant lifepaths are an acceptable requirement for Captain.

Any path listed as a requirement below leads to Republic Official.

Aide 5 yrs 10 +1 M,P Noble Court, City, Religious
Skills: 5 pts: Conspicuous, Etiquette, Sprinting Training, Rule of Law, Soothing Platitudes
Traits: 1 pt: Sponsored, Cynical, Patriotic
Requirements: Student and either Sergeant, Courtier, or the Mark of Privilege trait.
Senator 6 yrs 25 +1 M City, Soldier, Noble Court, Sea, Religious
Skills: 6 pts, Bureaucracy, Rhetoric, Etiquette, Oratory, Budget-wise, Foreign Policy-wise
Traits: 2 pts, Legislator, Righteous, Bulldog, Mouthbreather
Requirements: Character must be at least 30 years old before taking this lifepath. Requires Aide, Captain, Municipal Minister, Town Official, Magnate, Bishop, Judge, or Lord
Consul 8 yrs 40 +1 M/P Any
Skills: 6 pts: Nation-wise, Administration, Command, Ambassador-wise, Consul-wise; 1 pt: General
Traits: 1 pt: Those Who Walk Together, Figurehead, Exhausted
Requirements: Must be at least 40 years old before taking this lifepath. Senator, Captain, Bishop, or Magnate.
Elder Statesman 12 yrs 30 +1 M Any
Skills: 4 pts: Senate-wise, Rhetoric; 2 pts, General
Traits: 2 pts: Garrulous, Political Veteran, Vigor of Youth
Requirements: Character must be at least 45 years old before taking this path, plus Senator or Consul

Lifepath Traits

  • Those Who Walk Together: +2D reputation as a head of state. Relationship with the *other* consul may be bought at half cost.
  • Legislator: +1D affiliation with the legislature, 1D reputation among your constituency.
  • Political Veteran: Call-on for Circles when finding someone in the Republic's government.
  • Sponsored: The Aide has been given a leg up in his political career by some elder official who saw his promise. Whatever he may do with that career, that favor can never be forgotten; the Sponsored character must take a relationship with the sponsor to whom he owes his position.

Religious Sub-Setting

Temple Neophyte 7 yrs 12 +1 M City Dweller, Outcast
Skills: 5 pts: Read, Write, Doctrine, Sorcery
Traits: 1 pt: Believer, Obedient, Bitter, Gifted

Temple Neophyte is appropriate for cultures where the study of magic is in the hands of the priesthood (Chorach or Emerald, primarily). It counts as Neophyte Sorcerer for requirements, as well as Temple Acolyte for lifepaths within the Religious or Outcast settings.

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