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Ferveo Regina

  • Tiberius Vagnius is the captain of the Ferveo Regina, the Tarsuli trading ship on which the party escaped Shanur.
  • Centurion Duronius was the leading representative of the Tarsuli Legions in Shanur, where he commands the Third Republican Legion, Fifth Cohort, Second Century, aka the Spearbreakers. He had some sort of understanding with Maurus Vitus. He now commands the survivors of his century who escaped aboard the Ferveo Regina and its companion ships.


  • Quintus Petronius Crescentius traveled on the merchant ship Polaris on the crossing from Pshopor to Shanur. A wealthy young Tarsuli man, his reasons for being in Shanur were vague at best. Quintus went missing during the Battle of Shanur. Status unknown.
  • The Most High Zuberi is Eternal Commander of the Iron Serpents, the company that serves as Shanur's police force. He is the first Eternal any members of the party have encountered up close: seven feet tall and encased in black silk and gold. Alive.
  • The Most High Chepren appeared only briefly at the end of the Battle for Shanur. An elder power among the Eternals, he singlehandedly penetrated to Jendai's sanctum, where he captured and crippled the rebel leader. May be related to Zuberi in some fashion; killed Asim in retribution for the latter's mercy killing of Jendai. Alive.
  • The Most High Theoris, Voice of Chorach, was apparently one of the leaders of the Eternals in Shanur. She spoke for their armies before the Battle for Shanur, and engaged High Priestess Jendai in a magical duel. Defeated, but not killed, by Jendai, she was last seen watching the party's escape from Shanur harbor. Alive.
  • High Priestess Jendai was head of the House of Ark, the largest temple in Shanur, and a powerful cleric of the Chorachi god of knowledge. Jendai used the love her congregation and the symbolic power of a comet and a Great Tree's seed to start a rebellion against the Eternals. Jendai was killed during the Battle of Shanur. Deceased.
  • Eshegal was the head of Jendai's scriptorium and one of the chief administrators of the rebel government. A skilled wizard with a harsh and bitter demeanor. Status unknown.
  • Maurus Vitus was the corrupt Magistrate of Docks in Shanur, and perhaps the second most influential agent of the Tarsul Republic in that city. Seems to have come to an arrangement with Gaius, who now possesses a signed confession of certain misdeeds of Vitus'. Escaped before the final battle
  • Ambassador Caius Acilius is the Tarsul Republic's official representative in Chorach. Escaped along with the party.
  • Odji Beleg was one of the criminal leaders of the smuggling ring operating with Magistrate Vitus's approval, as well as of the slave-trading operation concealed therein. Deceased.
  • Reneb is an old, blind monk: one of the librarians who tend the archives of the House of Ark. Was semi-befriended by Dalgeard and Shamir. Status unknown.
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