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Despite the omnipresent wilderness, Ferath is home to a number of intelligent races that have pulled themselves back from the precipice of ancient disaster. These races cling hard to their cities, continually fighting against a world that will swallow them up at a moment's notice. Many fall to disease, or catastrophe, or war, or are overrun by monsters. The jungles are littered with thousands of years of failures, powerful reminders of the precariousness of civilization. A few cultures scrape by even closer to that precipice, as nomads or semisettled tribes. Without the slim protections of walls and agriculture, they are completely dependant on the whims of the land for their survival. Tribal cultures die no slower than their city-building brethren; they simply leave fewer remains for the next generation's explorers to find.

  1. Dwarves
  2. Elves
  3. The Little Folk
  4. Humans
  5. Lizardfolk
  6. Thri-Kreen
  7. Strange Bloodlines
  8. Others
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