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The faiths followed by the inhabitants of Ferath are many and varied. Unlike other worlds, the gods are rarely if ever seen to intervene directly on Ferath, leaving the question of their existence to pure faith. Certainly the powers of clerics are very real, and come from somewhere. Yet some more cynical souls have pointed out that history seems to suggest anything, if believed strongly enough, can lead to ?divine? powers in the most faithful. Indeed, ?rogue clerics' who do not fit into any of the established religions do pop up from time to time, though most of the existing churches do their best to stamp them out.

With such a flexible system, the ?pantheon? of Ferath is crowded indeed. Listed below are some of the most common or best known religious paths followed around the world.

The Nature of the Gods

There is considerable debate in scholarly and philosophic cirlces as to what the gods really are. Certain divination spells allow communication with them or their agents, but there are no reliable reports of gods ever appearing on Ferath in person. Some travellers to the Spirit World claim to have seen their god's residence or the god themself, but often these accounts are contradicted even by that person's companions.

Most clerics, however, see the powers granted them as proof enough, and the average faithful sees the work of these clerics as their own proof.

Major Faiths

Minor Gods

In addition to the major faiths listed here, some tribes and smaller settlements follow their own unique god or gods. These religions are usually relatively simple compared to the major ones, many of which were, after all, originally composed from the combination of several of these minor pantheons.

In addition to these, numerous cults and offshoots of the major faiths exist, often sparked into existance by controversy over some aspect of a parent religion's doctrine. These cults are not always deserving of the reputation for subversive evil attributed to them, but they are typically clear enemies of one or more of the established religions.

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