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This is a DM's scratchpad of ideas for house rules, tweaks, etc.

Nothing on this page is actually being used.

  1. Variant: Lore Points

Skill Principles

Remember the DC chart.

  • 0, very easy
  • 5, easy
  • 10, average
  • 15, tough
  • 20, challenging
  • 25, formidable
  • 30, heroic
  • 40, nearly impossible

Declare DCs ahead of time.

Declare consequences ahead of time. Make consequences active (X happens on failure, rather than Y doesn't happen. Use take 20 to prevent rerolling when time is not a factor.)

Roll the dice or say yes.

Diplomacy has issues.

Forest Fire


For flavor text, description, etc.

  • Explorer
    • Garriot the Great, semi-legendary explorer and patriot. Human/Tarsul Republic(Takalamon)
  • Scholar
    • Ceune of the Serrikun To, historian, archaelogist, and mechanist. Elf/historian's society(Elleriel Tychi)
  • Storyteller
    • Duvar Gabblepot, elderly adventurer, now retired and running a restaurant. Gnome/Quno
  • Mercenary
    • ..., grizzled veteran of the border with Pandemonium, now seeking his fortune on the surface. Dwarf/Baldun
  • Wanderer
    • Ril Rainwalk, perpetually banished shaman. Serekian/Soeshal
  • Trader
    • ... , child of a prosperous merchant family on the road to lead their caravans. Halfling/Nephrite
  • Alien
    • The Guardian of Chalk Vale, protector of his people and land, not necessarily in that order. Land dragon/Chalk Vale

Druidic Drift

Instead of wild shape, the druid gains permanent bonuses and transformations as they slowly become one with the land. Important note: this does not replace the A Thousand Faces class ability, which in fact becomes the only way highly-drifted druids can interact normally.

Drift Advancement

  • 5th, 6th, 7th: lesser drift
  • 8th, 10th, 11th: moderate drift
  • 12th, 14th, 15th: greater drift
  • 16th, 18th, 20th: elemental drift
  • When you gain a drift, you may choose to take two drifts from lower stages instead (this can't recurse).

Lesser Drifts:

  1. Gains Scent
  2. Nightvision: Gain low-light vision and +4 to Spot in dim light
  3. Dayvision: Gain low-light vision +4 to Spot checks in daylight.
  4. Gains a swim speed equal to your base land speed.
  5. Gains a climb speed equal to your base land speed.
  6. Bestiality: Gain +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, or +2 Constitution. Can't bestiality the same score twice.
  7. Talons: gain two claw attacks for 1d6 dmg each
  8. Horns/Antlers: gain a gore attack for 1d8 plus 1.5 Str dmg, piercing
  9. Fangs: Bite attack, dmg above, slashing
  10. Lashing Tail: Slam attack, dmg above, bludgeoning
  11. Hooves: Increase land speed by 10 ft.
  12. Keen Senses: Gain +4 to Listen and Spot checks.
  13. Stalker: Gain +8 to Move Silently checks
  14. Fur: Gain +4 to saves against environmental heat or cold (chosen when gained), and +8 to Hide checks in a chosen terrain type.
  15. Hide: Gain +2 natural armor.
  16. Leaper: Gain +10 to Jump checks.

Moderate Drifts:

  1. Paws: gain two 1d6 claw attacks, or increase damage of existing claws. Improved Grab with claws.
  2. Venom: Bite attack (for 1d3 if you have none already) also poisons (1d6 Dex/1d6 Dex, DC by level and Con)
  3. Animal Affinity: Gain +4 Strength, +4 Dexterity, or +4 Constitution. Can't affinity the same score twice.
  4. Batwings: Batlike wings grant fly speed of 40 ft, good maneuverability
  5. Eaglewings: Bird wings grants fly speed of 60 feet, average maneuverability
  6. Amphibian: You can breathe water as easily as air, and gain a swim speed of 30 feet. If you have a swim speed, it increases by 30 feet.
  7. Scales: Your natural armor bonus improves by 4.
  8. Animal Reflexes: Gain +4 to Balance, Jump, Tumble, Swim, and Climb checks.
  9. Photosynthesis: So long as you have water and sunlight, you do not need to eat and need only 4 hours of sleep a night.
  10. Pounce: If you charge a flat-footed opponent, you may make a full attack.
  11. Momentum: If you have horns, they inflict double damage on a charge. If you have claws, they inflict double damage when diving (flying charge involving at least 20 feet of downward motion).
  12. Batsight: gain blindsense to 30 feet.
  13. Wormsight: gain tremorsense to 60 feet.
  14. Webspinner: Spin webs like a spider. (?)
  15. Tunneler: Gain a burrow speed equal to your encumbered land speed (e.g., 20 ft for a creature with a 30 ft base land speed)

Greater Drifts:

  1. Dire Nature: The base damage of all your natural weapons increases one step. Your natural armor improves by 1.
  2. Bulk: You become larger. Your Strength increases by 4, and your Constitution by 2, but your Dexterity falls by 2.
  3. Growth: Your reach increases by 5 feet and you gain +10 feet to your land speed, as your limbs lengthen.
    1. If you have both Bulk and Growth, your size category increases by one. This grants you +2 more Strength and +1 natural armor, but you take a -1 size penalty to attack rolls and AC. Your size penalty to Hide checks and size bonus to grapple checks both increase by 4. (your stats do not otherwise change when your size increases; these changes are encompassed by the normal effects of these two drifts)
  4. Tentacles (or Vines): You gain four tentacles that can attack, each for 1d4 points of damage plus Strength. A hit with a tentacle allows you to start a grapple as a free action, and you can constrict a grappled foe for 2d8 plus 1.5x Strength points of damage with a successful Grapple check.
  5. Toxin: Your bite is deadly poisonous (1d6/1d6 Con). If you have Toxin and Venom, choose which of the two to keep when you gain this ability; the save DC of that poison increases by 2. If you keep Venom, its initial and secondary damage increase to 1d8 Dexterity.
  6. Carapace: Your natural armor improves by 8. If you have Scales and/or Hide, replace each with another drift of the same or lesser power.

(need a few more)

Elemental Drifts:

  1. Air Mastery: Whirlwind form. Fly speed increases by 30 ft.
  2. Fire Mastery: Land speed increases by 20 feet. Start fires at will, by touch (elemental's Burn attack).
  3. Earth Mastery: Pass through stone. +2 to attack and damage if you and foe touch earth.
  4. Water Mastery: Vortex form. Breathe water. +30 ft to swim speed.
  5. Wood Mastery: Gain twp slam attacks for 2d6 damage each. You inflict double damage when attacking objects.
  1. Body of Winds: Gain damage reduction 5/-, +4 dexterity, airborne foes take -2 to attack and damage against you. Fly speed improves one maneuverability class.
  2. Body of Flames: Gain damage reduction 5/-, fire immunity, natural weapons inflict +2d6 fire damage, as does grappling/being grappled.
  3. Body of Stones: Gain damage reduction 10/-, +4 Constitution
  4. Body of Waves: Gain damage reduction 5/-, +4 Strength, breathe water. Gain elemental's Drench attack.
  5. Body of Leaves: Gain damage reduction 5/-, become immune to compulsions and illusions.
  6. Elemental Purity: Become immune to critical hits, sleep, paralysis, and stunning. Requires any one "Body of ..." drift.
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