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Notes relevant to the game that will, I hope, be starting shortly.


The D&D 3.5 rules will be the norm unless specifically contradicted.

Limit yourself to the PHB, DMG, and this site for now. Equivalent information can be found at

Character creation methods are not at all set yet - details to come.

I intend to pull a few pages from Burning Wheel, in that as part of character creation I'll ask you to come up with Beliefs, Instincts, and Traits. The game effect of these, if any, is yet to be determined, but I hope that they will serve as guidelines for both the players and myself.

Character Creation

Time for some BITs. Chiefly Bs.

As these are obviously inspired by Burning Wheel, I will refer you to the collective wisdom of that community for advice.

By my own current way of thinking, a Belief is one part roleplaying goal, one part character goal, and one part player goal. By specifying belief in something, you're explicitly asking me to bring that something up in the game. You're asking for the belief to be challenged, and for NPCs with conflicting or aligning beliefs to appear.

Luke Crane also suggests the following scheme for Beliefs in one of his books: let one be something from your past, one relate directly to your current situation, and one be something your character wishes to accomplish in the future.

The Party still forming, but enough people have given ideas for a few factions to emerge:

  • The Tarsuli Republic is sending emissaries, spies, and soldiers to Chorach to protect their trade interests. They serve for all manner of reasons, from national loyalty to freeing enslaved kin.
  • The Green has agents everywhere.
  • Some of the dwarves of Drazadi chafe under the thankless, unknowing benefit the surface world reaps from their blood and sweat.

Don't develop these in isolation. It will be infinitely more interesting if players know the beliefs of other characters and can play off one another in that way. A character's beliefs are clearly beyond the knowledge of other characters, at least at the start of the game, but I think we can all keep player and character knowledge separate.

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