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-= High Priority =-

Un-WikiName imported pages, so that all the old links work again. Otherwise garden the place so that all the old pages are accessible.

Fill out certain portions of the rules (dragons come to mind)

Update for 3.5 psionics

Make certain that tech-references don't use modern words whenever feasible, for flavor reasons.

Slice-of-life, cultural, etc descriptions for various nations and peoples

Rename/tweak content to avoid clashing with WotC property, so that it could be released under OGL or CC or something.

-= Low Priority/Continuous =-

Philosophical/goal statements; more important if this is really going to go public.

Detail more of the history

Perhaps expand the world map

Detail planar sites

-= "Wouldn't it be cool if..." =-

Seperate chewy from crunchy content. Ferath was originally written for D&D/d20, but there's no reason the world couldn't be used with other rulesets as well. Need to find a good balance of integration for things like the magic system that straddle a boundary between the two.

Burning wheel?

d20-specific: Character regions?

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